Zenfolio | In the Moment Photography, L.L.C. | FAQ

What style of photography do you do?

We believe that the best photography encompasses a range of styles, however our photography style would be defined as lifestyle photography. You can expect some fun images which may be slightly posed, however we aim to capture the event and moments as they unfold. We will place a great deal of focus on capturing real connections during your session. We will normally have the clients partake in a fun activity during the session to be able to capture raw emotion. Our goal is to always capture the expressions, excitement and details of your special day, so that the photos naturally tell your story.


How much should I expect to invest?

Our portrait sessions start out at $199, which include your personalized session and secure online preview gallery w/ digital downloads. There are several print packages to choose from as well as some fun add-on's, if you'd like, for an additional cost. You also have the option to add a disc of hi-res images. Most sessions last approximately 1 hour, but may take up to 2 hours depending on the type of session, location(s), etc. 

Our wedding and formal event packages start out at $1200 and may range upwards to $4000, depending on factors such as the coverage needed at your wedding, destination or locations, any albums or products you select to add on, etc. We can tailor packages to meet most budgets!

Depending on the coverage agreed upon, a non-refundable deposit and signed contract will be required to secure your date. Payment plans may be arranged between photographer and client for the remaining amount due.


Please contact us today for more details & pricing.


When do we need to book you?

As early as possible, since scheduling can be unpredictable. If you have a particular date or deadline in mind for your photos, booking your date early on is important to ensure your spot.

It is especially important when booking for weddings or formal events, which are typically made between 6 months to a year before the date. Please make sure to contact us earlier rather than later to ensure you can book with us. Once we secure a date for a wedding we will not take on any additional events or sessions within 1-2 days of the wedding. This allows us the opportunity to focus fully on the bride and groom  or guest of honor.


What if we do not know the date of our wedding yet?

No Problem. We can still provide some basic pricing and details. In addition, we can meet for a face to face consultation to go over details and the coverage you need for your big day.


How long will it take to receive my photos?

Our goal is to deliver the best quality and in the least amount of time. We understand your anticipation in receiving the images from your special day. We do our very best to process photos and deliver them as soon as possible. Most portrait sessions will be ready and available for viewing within 5-7 days. Depending on the event, you can expect to view your wedding or event photos within 2-4 weeks. Specialty items including prints, albums, etc. may require longer times for processing depending on the nature of your order.


What kind of retouching do you do?

We will make adjustments to fine tune contrast, color, sharpness and cropping on each and every photo. Lighting adjustments will also be made to emphasize composition of some of the photos. We may also remove distracting background elements where necessary. Adjustments are done at the photographer’s discretion and experience. Any special requests made in advance will be taken care of at your request which may include: minor skin retouching, etc. We may also choose to apply creative edits to some photos, however our editing style is generally "clean" meaning that we do not overly edit photos, rather we enhance them to emphasize the natural beauty in the subjects and their surroundings.


Can I have access to every photo including unedited versions?

We are confident you will be happy with the quantity as well as quality of photos from your photo session or event. Please take into consideration that many photos are discarded due to people blinking, bad lighting or composition, etc. We do not offer access to RAW or unedited images. Often times, the raw images will be of no value to the customers. You must have specific programs and applications to be able to view and edit images in RAW formats. Additionally, photos are organized and edited at the photographers discretion. There is a lot of magic that occurs in post processing and therefore only deliver finished, fully edited photos. 


Are there any limitations to how we use the photos?

Once purchased, you may use all photos in any way you wish for personal use only. They will not contain a watermark or copyright symbol. You may post your images online, purchase prints through a vendor of your choice, etc. However, we do recommend ordering prints via our secure website, as we have full control over cropping and image quality, far beyond that of a typical photo lab. For example, most print companies such as Costco, CVS and Walgreens have equipment which automatically crops photos and may cause your prints to cut out elements such as the background or portions of the body or head.

The only limitations on use of your photos are that they cannot be sold or used commercially in any way without formal written approval by the photographer. 


At weddings and events, can our friends and family take pictures too?

Absolutely! We want you to enjoy as many photos of your wedding day as possible. However, there may be moments when we may need to ask friends or family to cooperate in effort for us to get particular shots. Multiple flashes firing at the same time may interfere with the photographers equipment which in some cases will result in poor photos or over exposure. We will do our best to work with these circumstances, but please understand that during formal portraits we may request that no other equipment or devices are used. 


During our wedding, do we need to provide food for you at the reception?

We do ask that if a wedding reception includes a meal for the guests, that we be given an opportunity to eat as well. When the guests are eating, this is generally a good time for your photographer(s) to take a quick break and replenish their energy. The food provided does not have to be the same menu items as what you serve your guests as many caterers will also offer alternative meals for your vendors. Keeping us fed will help to ensure that we will be able to do the job effectively and cheerfully.


Please contact us with any additional questions we can answer for you.