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092416-Taggart-Wedding-3378 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3378 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3340 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3340 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3349 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3349 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8736_BW copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8736_BW copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-5163 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-5163 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-5190 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-5190 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8722 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8722 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8709 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8709 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8740 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8740 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8719 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8719 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-5237_BW copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-5237_BW copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-5246 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-5246 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-5214 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-5214 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-5235 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-5235 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-5201 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-5201 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-5299 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-5299 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-5323 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-5323 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-5345_BW copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-5345_BW copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8780 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8780 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3444 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3444 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8789 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8789 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8794 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8794 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8800 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8800 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3470 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3470 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3521 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3521 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8854 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8854 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8861 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8861 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8892 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8892 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3604 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3604 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3632 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3632 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9044 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9044 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9091 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9091 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9049 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9049 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9060 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9060 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8972 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8972 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8957 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8957 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3685 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3685 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9200 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9200 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9236 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9236 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9245 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9245 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9263 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9263 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-5416 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-5416 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9280 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9280 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-5418 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-5418 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3798 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3798 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9306 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9306 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9338 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9338 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9357 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9357 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9076 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9076 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9370 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9370 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9372 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9372 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9381 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9381 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3879 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3879 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9407 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9407 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3881 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3881 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3905 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3905 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9419 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9419 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9114 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9114 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8931 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8931 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8937 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8937 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8952 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8952 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8925 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8925 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-8946 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-8946 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9506 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9506 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-3972 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-3972 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9662 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9662 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9820 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9820 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-4220 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-4220 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9835 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9835 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9795 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9795 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9923 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9923 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-9942 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-9942 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-0074_BW copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-0074_BW copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-4289 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-4289 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-4229 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-4229 copy 092416-Taggart-Wedding-0029 copy092416-Taggart-Wedding-0029 copy

Venue: Jupiter Beach Civic Center
Flowers: Eco Flowers
Hair & Make-up: Makeup by Em
Photogapher: In the Moment Photography Group, L.L.C.

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Mr. & Mrs. Minervini {Wedding in Islamorada, Florida} Ronnie and Dakota met at Crossfit and fell in love while sharing their love for fitness. Ronnie is now a trainer at Orange Theory in Stuart, Florida and Dakota is the studio manager. When I heard about their wedding in Islamorada I couldn't be more excited to be their photographer. The Florida Keys are among one of the most beautiful areas of South Florida, the perfect backdrop for these two laid back lovebirds. The way that Ronnie looks at Dakota just makes everyone around them melt, including Dakota. Both Ronnie and Dakota are full of personality and have found the perfect match in each other. They have a huge following of supporters in both OTF and in their relationship. They are truly a beautiful couple and their special day reflected upon them so well. We started with their first look at the Cheeca Lodge Resort & Spa in Islamorada, Florida followed by a beautiful beach side ceremony and reception at Pierre's Morada Bay in Islamorada, Florida. These two know how to keep the party going --- all the way until 2 a.m.! Congratulations again Ronnie and Dakota. It was a pleasure to be there for your special day and to capture all the beautiful moments along the way!

ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4736 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4736 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-8488 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-8488 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2785 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2785 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-8514_BW copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-8514_BW copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-8611 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-8611 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2827 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2827 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-8572 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-8572 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2866_BW copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2866_BW copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2933 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2933 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2939 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2939 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2962 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2962 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2971 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2971 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3000 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3000 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3008 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3008 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3042 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3042 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3059 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3059 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3071 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3071 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3077_BW copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3077_BW copy BlogBoard-1BlogBoard-1 ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3118 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3118 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3120 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3120 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3128 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3128 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3196 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3196 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3310 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3310 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3321 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3321 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3330 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3330 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3350 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3350 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3418 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3418 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3376 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3376 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3436 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3436 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3439 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3439 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3446 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3446 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3464 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3464 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3542 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3542 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3527 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3527 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3479 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3479 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3632 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3632 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3648 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3648 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3668 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3668 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3681 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3681 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3653 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3653 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3687 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3687 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3702 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3702 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3700 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3700 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3710 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3710 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3718 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3718 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3741 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3741 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3719 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3719 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3765 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3765 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3777 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3777 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3782 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3782 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3799 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3799 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3803 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3803 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3867 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3867 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3823 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3823 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3883 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3883 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3887 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3887 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3891 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3891 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3897 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3897 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3906 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3906 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3933 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3933 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3943 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3943 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3960 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3960 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3962 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3962 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3999 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-3999 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4010 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4010 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4033 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4033 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4050 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4050 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4056 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4056 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4060 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4060 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4083 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4083 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4108 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4108 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4125 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4125 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4127 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4127 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4134 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4134 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4147 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4147 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4197 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4197 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4246 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4246 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4261 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4261 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4295 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4295 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4301 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4301 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4329 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4329 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4355 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4355 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4436 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4436 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4514_BW copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4514_BW copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4523 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4523 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4525 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4525 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4607 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4607 copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4579_BW copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-4579_BW copy ITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2725 copyITM_090916-Minervini-Wedding-2725 copy

First Look: Cheeca Lodge Resort & Spa




Ceremony & Reception: Pierre's Morada Bay


Day of Coordinator: 

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Emily + Steven {Palm Beach Engagement Session} I have used Emily a bunch of times for my makeup and have referred numerous clients to her. She is so talented and I am so lucky to know such a beautiful person inside and out. I was obviously ecstatic when Emily told me that she wanted me to be her engagement photographer and I knew her makeup would be on point. She is so stunning. Palm Beach was the perfect backdrop for Emily and Steven's engagement photos. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S !!


Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven2Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven2 Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven3Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven3 Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndStevenPalm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven7Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven7 Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven5Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven5 Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven4Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven4 Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven8Palm_Beach_Florida_Engagement_Session_EmilyAndSteven8

]]> (In the Moment Photography, L.L.C.) Engagement Session Palm Beach Engagement Photographer Palm Beach Florida Photography Palm Beach Island Photographer Palm Beach Photography South Florida Photography Sun, 28 Aug 2016 20:41:47 GMT
Carra + Grant {Stuart, Florida : Beachside Engagement Session} Carra and Grant were such a fun couple to photograph. They are so cute together, if you can't tell from the photos below! I am super excited for their nautical themed wedding, one of my favorite themes. It will be prefect for their Jupiter Beach wedding later this summer. I absolutely ADORE the tee shirts they brought to their session. I'm so excited to be their photographer for their special day.

Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant7Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant7 Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant9Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant9 Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant6Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant6 Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant5Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant5 Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant4Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant4 Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant3Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant3 Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant2Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant2 Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant8Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant8 Stuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrantStuart_Florida_Engagement_Session_CarraAndGrant

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Jess & Kevin {Maternity : Stuart, Florida + Lifestyle Newborn} I was honored when my very good friend Jessica came to me for her Maternity and Lifestyle Newborn Session. Baby Kolin was truly a miracle for this couple. After many attempts to become pregnant, Jessica and Kevin discovered that they were expecting right before starting IVF. Kolin was born a healthy baby boy with LOTS of hair and beautiful blue eyes, just like his momma. I am so happy for this adorable family and I cannot wait to capture more memories as Baby Kolin continues to grow.

Stuart_Maternity_JessAndKevinStuart_Maternity_JessAndKevin Stuart_Maternity_JessAndKevin2Stuart_Maternity_JessAndKevin2 Stuart_Maternity_JessAndKevin3Stuart_Maternity_JessAndKevin3 Stuart_Maternity_JessAndKevin5Stuart_Maternity_JessAndKevin5 Stuart_Maternity_JessAndKevin4Stuart_Maternity_JessAndKevin4 Stuart_Lifestyle_Newborn_JessAndKevin3Stuart_Lifestyle_Newborn_JessAndKevin3 Stuart_Lifestyle_Newborn_JessAndKevinStuart_Lifestyle_Newborn_JessAndKevin Stuart_Lifestyle_Newborn_JessAndKevin2Stuart_Lifestyle_Newborn_JessAndKevin2 Stuart_Lifestyle_Newborn_JessAndKevin4Stuart_Lifestyle_Newborn_JessAndKevin4

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Puppy Session {Jupiter, Florida : Pet Photography} My family and I currently have puppy fever! We haven't been able to adopt just yet, so I was excited when Laura contacted me to take photos for a puppy session. Incorporating pets into family photos is something that I would love to do more of and Josie was such a sweet girl. She was absolutely perfect for the camera and she was very friendly, as you can see. They adopted Josie from a local breeder here in Palm City, Florida. We decided for this session that Riverbend Park in Jupiter, Florida would provide the perfect background. I am so happy that I was able to capture some adorable photos for their new home. 


700_0281 copy700_0281 copy 700_0287 copy700_0287 copy 700_0325 copy700_0325 copy BlogBoard-1BlogBoard-1 700_0336 copy700_0336 copy 700_0364 copy700_0364 copy 700_0463 copy700_0463 copy 700_0456 copy700_0456 copy 700_0409 copy700_0409 copy 700_0477 copy700_0477 copy

]]> (In the Moment Photography, L.L.C.) Family Family Photos Family Session Jupiter, Florida Palm City, Florida Puppy Portraits Puppy Session Riverbend Park South Florida Photography Stuart, Florida Sun, 22 May 2016 23:23:01 GMT
Heather & David {Sundy House Wedding - Delray Beach, Florida} Heather & David were married at the Sundy House in Delray Beach, Florida. It was the perfect location for their super romantic wedding day. I got to spend all day with David and Heather, and one of my favorite moments was before the wedding when they met up with one another without revealing the bride to her groom. David gave his bride a beautiful bracelet and they read letters that they had written to one another for their wedding day. This was a very emotional exchange and I admit... I also had tears in my eyes. It was a special moment that I am so happy to have been able to capture. The love between Heather and David is infectious. The ceremony was beautiful, held on the lawn of the property and followed by the cocktail hour. The reception was F-U-N... In fact, I don't think the bride and groom ever left the dance floor. All in all it was a beautiful wedding in a gorgeous location with plenty of tears, lot of laughs, lots of love and dancing through the night!

DSC_0259DSC_0259 DSC_0283DSC_0283 DSC_0269DSC_0269 Collage1Collage1 DSC_0221DSC_0221 DSC_0233DSC_0233 PBC_3424PBC_3424 PBC_3254PBC_3254 Collage2Collage2 DSC_0451DSC_0451 PBC_3340PBC_3340 PBC_3640PBC_3640 PBC_3392PBC_3392 DSC_0529DSC_0529 PBC_3534PBC_3534 PBC_3544PBC_3544 PBC_3506PBC_3506 Collage3Collage3 DSC_0587DSC_0587 PBC_3516PBC_3516 DSC_0694DSC_0694 DSC_0350DSC_0350 DSC_0248DSC_0248 DSC_0735DSC_0735 DSC_0736DSC_0736 DSC_0737DSC_0737 DSC_0782DSC_0782 DSC_0813DSC_0813 DSC_0803DSC_0803 DSC_0940DSC_0940 Collage4Collage4 DSC_1068DSC_1068 DSC_1076DSC_1076 DSC_1098DSC_1098 DSC_1099DSC_1099 DSC_1137DSC_1137 DSC_1128DSC_1128 DSC_1141DSC_1141 DSC_1315DSC_1315 DSC_1272DSC_1272 DSC_1302DSC_1302 DSC_0763DSC_0763 Collage5Collage5 DSC_1555DSC_1555 DSC_0755DSC_0755 DSC_0765DSC_0765 700_8568700_8568 PBC_4100PBC_4100 PBC_4116PBC_4116 700_8519700_8519 700_8741700_8741 700_8770700_8770 700_8950700_8950 700_8905700_8905 700_8868700_8868 700_8943700_8943 700_8931700_8931 700_8691700_8691 PBC_4656PBC_4656


Venue: Sundy House - Delray Beach
Wedding Coordinator: JX3 Events
Flowers: Misty's Flowers - Palm Beach Gardens
Hair & Make-up: Courtney Christopherson Glamour Group, LLC
Photogapher: In the Moment Photography Group, L.L.C.
Cake: Two Fat Cookies - Delray Beach
DJ: Scratch Weddings - Mark Gallo
Officiant: Reverend Ted Church - The Celebrants
Photo Booth / Flip Book: Fotoboyz

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Mr. and Mrs. Vela, a Disney Themed Wedding {Palm Beach, Florida} They say that the best gift you can give someone who has been of service is to give a referral. I love when I receive referrals from happy clients and this couple came to me after receiving recommendation from a friend who had used In the Moment Photography for her wedding as well. When the lovely bride described her wedding, a small intimate wedding with some handmade disney themed props, I was super excited! She decided to invite her closest friends and family for a small wedding on Palm Beach Island followed by photos at the Four Arts Gardens in Palm Beach. The day before we had torrential downpours and the grounds were sopping wet, but you would never know from the photos. We were lucky to have had beautiful weather in between a couple of very wet days. Below are some of my favorites from their special day.

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Provence {Family Holiday Session} I love when I can create gorgeous images like these for my very good friends heart emoticon Thank you for using ITM, Rachel & Jeff!

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Guy Family {Holiday Family Photo Session} I had a blast this weekend with this adorable family. They contacted me for some updated family photos and mentioned that they had just moved here from Buffalo. We all know that South Florida does not have a "winter" and for them, it just didn't feel like the start of the Holidays. We have been experiencing record heat, well into the 90's while most other states are starting to break out their sweaters. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for a few of their photos and then the magic happened... it started snowing ;) Happy Holidays to the Guy family and a big welcome to the sunshine state! Hopefully the weather cools down a bit soon!

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Orange Theory Fitness - Stuart, Florida {Orange for the Cure 2015} I am so thrilled to have captured these images for such a great cause! OTF Stuart has personally become my extended family and today everyone came together in full support. The photos tell all - it was a tough workout, because let's be honest, THEY ALWAYS ARE at Orange Theory Stuart! OTF Stuart raised over $5k for Breast Cancer Awareness. Friends from all over came to cheer on friends in pink who sweat their little butts off thanks to David Anthony & Ronnie, trainers at Orange Theory Stuart. 

YOU ALL ROCK heart emoticon

OrangefortheCure-Collage-16x20 copyOrangefortheCure-Collage-16x20 copy OrangefortheCure-Collage-30x40 copyOrangefortheCure-Collage-30x40 copy

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Holiday Mini Sessions are HERE! Tis' the Season for Holiday Mini's!

Mini sessions are condensed 20 min. portrait sessions. They are the perfect option for small families and / or professional photos for your Holiday Cards. I am also offering a Add-On including 25 holiday cards plus 2- 8x10 prints, from there you may also opt to add on more cards or prints, which can be discussed & priced accordingly. Please contact me if you are interested and I can work with you to schedule a date / time and answer any questions you have! Take advantage of this GREAT DEAL smile emoticon


Please feel free to EMAIL ME for more information! 2015HolidayMINISrev22015HolidayMINISrev2





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Celebrating the Bride to Be, bridal shower Before the Miss becomes a Mrs. 
They shower her with lots of gifts.
Pans & spoons & a bottle of wine too,
They fill her kitchen with lots of things new!

Today we celebrated Heather, Bride-to-Be! The wedding is getting closer & we cannot wait to capture their special day!!



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Happy (belated) Mother's Day! To all the Mommy's out there and the Daddy's who may fill both roles, I just want to wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day! I truly hope it was a special day with some relaxation, lots of hugs & kisses and tons of laughs. I was so lucky to have had the chance to take a nap yesterday after a very nice Mother's Day lunch at the Twisted Tuna in Stuart, Florida. I have been working my little tail off lately and yet I am still behind on blog posts. The Spring Mini's have been a huge hit and I cannot wait to share some of the images! Thank you to everyone who has helped to support In the Moment Photography. I am excited for what is to come. I have met so many amazing families this month and I really do hope that all you mommy's out there had a very special weekend!

XoXo, Heather

PS- here is a favorite from one of the mini sessions. I thought this would be the perfect photo to share in honor of Mother's Day. How adorable is this?


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Russell Family {Jupiter, Florida} This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a large family. It was also a special occasion for one very special client who was celebrating his 75th birthday! Some family members traveled all the way from Maine to be able to take part in the family session and to celebrate. Luckily the rain held out long enough for our session as we hiked a small park in Jupiter for the perfect location. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get creative with such a large group of people, however we all came equipped with favors and a special hat for the birthday boy!

Russell Family 1Russell Family 1 Russell Family 2Russell Family 2 Russell Family 3Russell Family 3 Russell Family 4Russell Family 4 Russell Family 5Russell Family 5 Russell Family 6Russell Family 6 Russell Family 7Russell Family 7

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Hey Good Looking! {Makeup by Em}

With that being said, over the years I have become friends with a beautiful lady, inside and out. Emily Wootten is a professional makeup artist offering her services for makeup application for your upcoming photography session, wedding or simply just because! I have personally used Emily a handful of times for special events, friends weddings, my own photography sessions and at times when I just needed a boost in my self image. Without further ado, meet Emily, Makeup by Em:


Emily and I have partnered up to offer you this amazing deal! Makeup by Em will be giving all clients of In the Moment a 15% discount on any of her makeup services! You can reach Emily by calling 561.307.5057. Check out more here!



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Spring Mini Sessions-2015 Spring has sprung! In celebration of longer days and beautiful warm weather I am now offering Spring Mini Sessions. Nothing captures the spring time more than fresh flowers, grassy fields, bright colors and lots of sunshine. This years Spring Mini's will take place in a beautiful park setting. To take advantage of this offer, you must book & schedule a session to take place between April 15th and May 31st. Families (up to 5), couples & seniors are all welcome to this deal! Feel free to bring your furry friends also.

DATES: April 15 through May 31

LOCATION: Select park settings within Palm Beach / Martin Counties as agreed upon with photographer

TIME(S) AVAILABLE: 4-6:30pm weeknights, 9-10:30am & 4-6:30pm weekends


  • 30 minute on location photography session
  • Online Gallery
  • 10 Digital Images
  • 8x10 Print of your choice

Please call Heather at 561.401.2286 or email to set up your session

Mini-Session-SPRING-2015Mini-Session-SPRING-201530 minute mini session includes 10 digital images, online gallery for viewing and downloading your images and an 8x10 print of your choice!



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Happy Easter 2015 I just love putting together photo collages. They're so much fun! What do you think? Here's a couple images and collages of our family this Easter. And we hope that all of our visitors had a very Happy Easter as well!

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Stuart Beach {Family Session} We were lucky to have experienced one of our last cool fronts of the season. The beautiful weather and sunset at the Stuart House of Refuge Beach made for some beautiful scenery for this family session. Visiting from out of state, they wanted to take advantage of Florida's beaches and I am so happy they came to In the Moment Photography allowing us to capture some great shots for them. I just love the images we captured of this lovely family and the children had a great time playing in the water at the end of their session. Check out some of the images we got below.


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Time to get Nauti {Engagement Party} Heather and David shared their engagement with close friends and family, one year before the big date with a nautical themed party. It was a beautiful day on the Boynton Beach inlet. They had a barbecue, each with their own BBQ sauce, drinks and games. They announced their bridal party and shed tears of happiness as they introduced those closest to their hearts. The wedding countdown now begins!



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